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    Teaching project
    1.Ancient Form One of Yang Style Taijiquan 鈥斺擬aster Yang Chengpu
    2.Ancient Form Two of Yang Style Taijiquan 鈥斺擬aster Yang Banhou
    3.The 13-Maneuver Taijiquan Of Yang Zhenhe
       The Essential 38- Maneuver of Taijiquan 銆
       Yang Tai Chi Thirteen power pile. Eight Five basic skills
    4.Pushing hands in Yang stlye Taijiquan銆
    (1)Pushing hands without moving feet.
        Including the single-handed and the double-handed.銆
    (2)Pushing hands as well as moving feet.

    Martial Arts News
    Martial Arts News (2011/4/12)
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